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How to follow up after the event

After a speed dating or singles event, you may have someone in mind who you would like to take things further with. Here are some tips and advice to help you take things further.

  • You may want to follow up using the email system. You will need their username, so don't forget to ask. Have yours ready at the event to give to your matches.
  • Send a brief flirty message, to open a dialog. Unless you are sure they will know who you are, include a memory jog. Be chatty and try to talk about some things you had in common during the events, if you are an ideal match, it should be easy to get conversation flowing again.
  • You may want to include your normal email address, if they reply with theirs, then you could be in luck. Remember to not give out your address until you have been on a date and are sure the person is safe!
  • Keep messages light hearted, and try to swap emails or phone numbers, as the online messaging is only active for two weeks after the event.
  • Remember the other person may not have easy access to a computer. You could try contacting their friend, if they were together at the event.
  • Be polite and chatty, it should be easy to recognise whether the other person is interested.
  • If you don't recognise a spark, be gracious and tell the other person, as long as you are kind, they will appreciate your honesty.
  • If things went really well at the event, why not suggest a first date, or meeting at a future event. It is much easier to get to know a person face to face rather than through text and email.