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How do I get the most from The Muslim Single Solution events?

The idea of entering a room with 100+ strangers may seem daunting but it need not be if you follow these simple ideas.

  • Think of the event as being just like a friend’s party. All of the other guests are in the same situation as you and looking to meet a match, just like you! Everybody is open to being approached, that’s why they are there, so be outgoing and introduce yourself.
  • If activities are laid on, then take advantage of them. Many events, offer mini dating where you can meet six or so people quickly with successive 3 minute dates. Don't take activities too seriously, after all it’s a bit of fun, designed to help you meet some like minded people.
  • Make use of the ice breaking game cards, these are a fun and unique way to get the conversation flowing. The more people you get chatting to the more relaxed you are going to feel.
  • Make use of our events advisors. They have profiles of all the guests and it’s their job to introduce you to new people. If you are feeling too shy to speak to that person you have spotted across the room, why not get one of our event’s organisers to introduce you!
  • Speak to guys and girls and treat everyone as a potential friend. Not only will you have more fun, but this will help you get into a flow of approaching people, and make it more natural when you meet someone you fancy.
  • Don't be too quick to judge. All people have something about them worth knowing, you can't tell straight away. They might share the same sense of humour as you, or have a very interesting job, or they might have a very infectious laugh or smile. Take a bit of time to get to know each person.
  • Be realistic about age. You are more likely to be intellectually compatible with someone of similar age and most couples are within four or so years of each other. Men generally look for younger women, but women, are not normally interested in men unless they are within a few years of their own age.
  • Try not to chat to the same person for too long. Unless you are really making progress with someone you are interested in, ten to fifteen minutes should be enough to make a decision about whether or not you want to meet that person again. The idea is that you collect usernames and follow up later, either the same night, or by using the emailing facility on the website.
  • After fifteen or so minutes you should establish if the person you are talking to is interested in you. This is not always obvious but look at their body language, and their reaction to what you have to say. If you are really unsure, invite them to join you to sit down with a drink then try mild flirtations, such as briefly touching their knee or shoulder. Watch their reaction, bearing in mind an alcoholic drink could cloud the true situation, and that the other person still doesn't know you very well.
  • Pre-prepare some calling cards with your username, and one reason why someone would remember you. E.g. lawyer, red shirt, likes hill walking. Then when you meet someone you are interested in give them your card and follow up later.
  • If you want to talk to someone else, make your excuses and move on. Easy ways out, are to go the bar or toilet, or say you want to find out how a friend is getting on, or speak to one of our staff. Or just be honest, and say it was nice chatting but that you'd like to meet a few more people. Other ways, might be to ensure you are signed up for one of the mini-dating rounds, or other activities on the night, at a specific time.