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Online dating can be a wonderful and eye opening experience, however, there is an element of danger to meeting a partner online and beginning a relationship with them. At Muslim Single Solution, we try our hardest to put your safety first but there are still extra precautions you should take when meeting a match offline for the first time.

It is so easy to build up a relationship with somebody you meet online and talk to everyday via messaging, text or telephone. As you are so often in contact, you feel that you know them and are safe around them. However, until you have met face to face you need to take a step back from the situation and not let yourself get lost in the excitement of finding a new love.

While there are tremendous success stories from online dating, it is easy to forget the danger and the few nightmare situations singles have found themselves in whilst meeting a match in person. Here are a few tips to ensure that you stay safe and enjoy online dating.

  • Meet in a public place – When arranging the first date always ensure that you choose an open and public place, such as a busy restaurant or café. Do not be tempted to invite your date to your home and do not give them your personal details. If your date invites you to their home, politely decline and they should understand your reasoning.
  • Tell a friend – Make sure a friend or family member knows exactly who you are meeting and where you are going before hand. Text them once when you have met your date and once when you have parted. This way they know your moves if something goes wrong.
  • Drive yourself – It may sound stupid but it is much safer for you to drive yourself or get a friend to drive you to your meeting place and pick you up at the end of it. This means you can control when you leave the date if things go wrong and ensures that you aren’t stuck in a dangerous situation with them.
  • Never give out personal details – Never put your mobile number, email or home address on your profile. If you find a match you enjoy talking to and mutually decide you want to take things further then swap phone numbers and other details.

If you have any concerns over a person you have met on Muslim Single Solution let us know straight away. Report any abusive or suspicious behaviour to us immediately so we can do our hardest to keep online Muslim dating safe.