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I have lived many lifetimes and brought the best of all into this one. I am unique as we all are yet I have lived and know exactly what I want and believe I have the ability to achieve it. I will not disappoint you on any level that I can promise. And beyond the bravado there is Humility promise.

About Abouttime

Not the marrying type........ or at least that is the general consensus! So here I am, hoping to prove my critics wrong! And hopefully find my hearts desire.

Live between Edinburgh London and the south of France so travel frequently with the intention of settling once I find the right person.

There will not be a single day that I won't surprise you or for that matter make you smile!

Not a moment will pass, in which i will falter or deviate from my commitment as a husband, a father, a son .... or your best friend.

Nor shall a single second slip by were i don't try and better myself as a human being.

I will however infuriate you and lead you to sheer distraction make you lose your focus and have your hands around my throat more often than not........... Even then you will smile at my smallest touch..

I truly am a complete contradiction in terms ..Enigmatic, charismatic, reliable, honest, loyal to a fault, loving, playful, a true romantic, gentile and respectful. A true child at heart yet man enough to stand by you.

Passionate about the things that touch my heart, nonchalant about those that don't.

I could go on forever with superfluous words and endless analogies and not even scratch the surface of what I want or who I am........ and in the process bore you to death.

Speak Urdu and Punjabi, Spanish and of course English all fluently, aware of the Islamic requirements bestowed upon me yet diverse in my thinking and socially conscious of the world around me and not bound by cultural constraints.

I have lived in the Mediterranean for a long time, amongst other places In the world so have quite an international perspective... Needless to say I love experiencing different cultures..

Independent in my thoughts, actions and tolerant of others , their wants and desires...

Not your typical Asian man! Or so I have been told.....

Now if you have read this far...... for those with dreams and aspirations beyond the mire we call civilisation.... and probably the biggest insight into who I am.......

"All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible."

Right, enough, starting to bore myself now... In the end only you can decide who I am or what I am and more importantly if I am for you.


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I love my work it is super diverse hard to encapsulate in a few words but if I had to it would be venture capital/private equity.


Adventurous, Ambitious, Caring, Confident, Enthusiastic, Generous, Imaginative, Impatient, Liberal, Optimistic, Spontaneous

General Interests

Art Galleries, Cars, Cooking, Helping Others, Motorcycles, Museums, Playing Sports, Reading, Sailing, Travel


Concerts, Dancing, Dining Out, Movies, Nightclubs, Opera, Pubs, Television, Theatre, Watching Sports

Musical Tastes

Bhangra, Blues, Classical, Disco, Funk, House, Indian Music, Opera, Pop, R and B, Rap, Soul

Abouttime says

Charity love giving back and would love to leave a legacy that transcends the creation of wealth and focuses on my contribution to humanity.

Abouttime is looking for...

Age: 28 to 44

Ethnicity: Any

A busy, vibrant, goal-oriented woman is so much more attractive than a woman who waits around for a man to validate her existence.” ..... Read that somewhere recently.... Speaks volumes, describes my want to some extent...

But in reality .......

Anyone that will have me...LOL! Seriously sick of being a frog, begging to be kissed......

The ONE person that will turn my world upside down from one minute to the next....

Someone who shines brighter than the rest..... Someone who can make me smile wider than i have ever smiled before ... Someone that can give me beautiful children and a loving family, stability even...

The female version of me..... OH .."recipe for disaster" I hear my poor parents cry!

Looking for my hearts desire as i just cant settle for second best! looking for the 1 in 7.2 billion....... because anything less I just couldn't bring myself to settle for......

Being a hopeless romantic I am looking for my heart to be filled with all sorts of wonderful emotions, I am looking for the one person I spend the rest of my life with.