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Refund Policy

July 29th, 2010

At we believe we offer excellent value for money. Our refund policy has been carefully thought out to ensure we offer fairness and integrity in our service. In order that it is applied consistently to all members we are unable to enter into discussions about this policy. This policy does not form part of our terms and conditions and is a guide to how we offer discretionary refunds.

Event Tickets

Event tickets are non-refundable, unless you clearly made a mistake and let us know within 10 minutes of purchase (other than on the day of an event). This refund would be subject to a £2.50 admin fee.

If you give us enough notice of at least 24 hours prior to the start time of the event, we will generally give you a credit note for another event to the value paid as long as your ticket was at least £10. If the ticket was under £10, then a £5 transfer charge per ticket will apply.

Premium or Premium Plus Re-billed Subscription Payments

If you let us know within 24 hours of a re-billed subscription payment and you do not wish to continue with membership, we can offer you one of the following. This only applies if you have not made any use of the Premium features since the renewal time, which include advanced searching, reading messages, sending messages, viewing photo albums, taking event discounts.

1. A full credit note for the amount of the subscription. This can be used for events or Premium membership in the future. Valid for 6 months from the payment date. If requesting this, your account will be put back to basic.


2. A downgrade to the minimum membership term of 1 month and a refund of the balance. The minimum 1 month membership fee is £20 Premium, or £25 Premium Plus. If your renewal was only for 1 month then no refund is available.

To request a refund please send an email stating the information below to [email protected]

  • Full Name
  • Nickname
  • Email Address ( As used on the site)
  • Your choice of options 1 or 2 as described above
  • Your reason for terminating or ending your membership This should be detailed enough for us to understand why you are no longer using the service.



If at this point you wish to send additional feedback about the site and your experience please use this form :

Important: You must state your reason for cancellation and optionally give any useful feedback that you feel would be helpful.

Are Full Refunds Available?

We do not offer full refunds on membership subscriptions other than to comply with the law, see below. This is mainly because Repeat billing is clearly stated on the site and that is what members agree to when joining. Our prices are calculated based on the fact that most members stay with us for a period of time and would therefore have to be higher if we did not operate subscription based memberships. Our prices are generally lower than most other Dating sites who also mostly operate repeat billing subscriptions. Billing is easily cancelled at any time in Account Details.

For your information Repeat Billing is stated in the following five places. Please ensure you understand how we work before signing up.

1. On screen when you upgrade
2. In the help section under General Information and also under Making Payments
3. In your upgrade email (click here to see copy)
4. In the terms and conditions clause 4.14
5. In the Account Details section, where the next billing date and the cancel billing link are always available.

If you wish to read more about why dating sites repeat bill customers, go to

Premium or Premium Plus Initial Upgrade Payments (not repeat billed payments)- Distance Selling.

If you notify us within 7 days of an initial upgrade then to comply with Distance selling regulations you will get a refund subject to a £2.50 administration fee. This only applies if you have not made any use of the Premium features, which include advanced searching, reading messages, sending messages, viewing photo albums, taking event discounts. If you have made any use of the service then it is deemed that you have accepted that the service has started and therefore cannot claim under this rule. Full details in our terms and conditions.

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