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Top Ten Great Summer Dating Ideas

Summer can be a bummer. The heat can often be a damper on plans you might want to have. Whether it’s going out and meeting new people or taking that special someone out for a nice night. But there are many great summer date ideas. The best part is, they are all inexpensive and a lot of fun – for any aged couple!

1. Campfires – While not everyone is allowed to have a camp fire in their backyard, sometimes exceptions can be made. Or, you can always plan a nice weekend in the woods. Camping is a great way to spend quality time with someone. If you’ve just started dating someone new, you’re not going to want to invite them into the woods. So, you’re better off to try the back yard campfire idea. Or, skip it all. Buy a false fireplace from a department store or watch a fireplace video on Youtube. Break out your guitar and sing like you’re out in the woods. It’s the idea that counts, not the location.

2. Picnic – Another fun summer date idea is to have a picnic. You can go all out and pack you and your date nice meals. You can pick out a spot and bring a blanket and make it really romantic. Or, you can simply pick up ready made sandwiches and head down to the park. This will make it feel more spontaneous and less like a romantic gesture. While you’re enjoying your meal as well as the outdoors, it gives you a great opportunity to get to know each other.

3. Wheeling – You may be great at balancing or awful, but try roller skating or roller blading. It’s a great way to stay fit, as well as a fun experience you can share with your date. If you fall down, don’t worry and just laugh about it. Not everyone is great at the activity, but it can be all kinds of fun. Especially if you’re both attempting to do it after a long period of not being on skates. Ice skating is a great idea for this too, but that depends if your city has an indoor rink or not.

4. Biking – Not only is biking a more eco-friendly way to travel, but it can also be more fun. A couples bike might be the more fun option, since it allows more opportunity to chat. But if you don’t have one and can’t rent one, go for separate bikes. The air passing by you will certainly be a great way to cool down. Pick a cute cafe or something to go to after.

5. Cafes – It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, heading to a cute little cafe is always a fun date idea. You can take your coffee to go and enjoy a nice stroll getting to chat with your date. Or, if the weather is too unbearable, just stay in and enjoy your coffee there. Most places do have air conditioning. You can get a warm drink or a cool drink. You could even have a snack. It’s a great way to be able to talk, without sitting in the house and sweating.

6. Sight Seeing – Even fi you’re both local to the area, it can be really fun to pretend you’re tourists who are visiting for the first time. Go see every local landmark. Go to amusement parks or museums that are well known in your town. If you’re into it, you could even pretend to be the tour guide and act like you’re taking your date on a private tour. Share information about local history and culture like your date has never heard it. Have fun with it and each other.

7. Swimming – Well, we are talking about summer ideas, and swimming definitely makes that list. You might not feel comfortable being in a swim suit around a new date and it could be the same for your date. This is a great time to suggest swimming while fully clothed. It’s silly, spontaneous, but mostly a fun gesture. Yes, your clothes will be wet, but, that will actually keep you cooler once you’re back out of the water. It can be a pool, a lake, anywhere. All that matters is that you’re having a good.

8. Shopping – This might not seem like a great date idea, but it can be a lot of fun. You don’t have to go to a mall, either. Instead, try going out to yard sales with your date. This might be a fun way to get to know more about your date. You’ll see what they consider “a find” or how they interact when finding a great item. Either of you may also come across something with a sentimental link to the past. You could even end up sharing stories or just laughing at other peoples’ junk.

9. Movies – This is a pretty standard suggestion for any sort of date night. But, to get in on the same page at the other summer date ideas, try outdoor movies. If your city doesn’t have an outdoor movie theater, consider renting a projector. You can set up your own out door movie using the wall of your house as the screen. This can be really fun when you take your lawn chairs out in the yard to enjoy the picture. Your date will likely enjoy your creative thinking.

10. Cooking – This may feel like a bad idea when you first consider it. The heat is bad and the last thing you want to do it stand in the kitchen and sweat. The brighter side is sweating will actually cool you down and prolonged exposure to the heat will actually adjust your body temperature. Alright, science aside, it’s fun to cook with a date or for a date. You get to show off all those skills you’ve learned about food. If you don’t know any, maybe take a cooking class together. That’s a little more fun for the ladies than the men, but, everyone benefits from good tasting food.

There are many different ways you can still enjoy dating in the summer – you just have to be creative!


Happy dating,

James Preece

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