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Ramadan Muburak

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Ramadan Mubarak

to you and your family


May Allah’s blessings be with you!

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Dating Coach advice: Do women hate bald men?

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Here is an interesting dating problem solved by our resident Dating Coach


“Dear James,  please can you help me?   I’m 33 and my hair is receding quite badly.  My friends and family tell me I’m very good looking but it’s really knocking my confidence for six.  Do women hate bald men?  Is the fact I’m an Asian Muslim putting other non Asian Muslim women off?  I’d love to hear what you think. I’m pretty unhappy at the moment. A”


Hi A,

Thanks for the message.  I know it must be hard for you to write to me, but it’s great that you did.

Anyway, I want to start by putting your mind at rest. Many women find bald men attractive. It’s a sign of being “manly” and mature. Just look at Jason Statham, The Rock, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis and the men like them. It’s not just about muscles, but personality.

However, don’t try and hide it as that can age you and make you look much older than 19. It’s much better to completely shave it off. If you shave it then you’ll look tidier, sleekier and sexier.

Stop worrying and listen to your friends. If you they say you are good looking then that’s wonderful as it gives the advantage over other men.

As for being Asian, well that depends on personal choice of different women. Yes, some non Asian  Muslim women will prefer non Asian Muslim men…BUT…everyone likes different things. That’s why there’s so many flavours of ice cream available!

The secret is to try to be as positive and confident as possible. These two qualities are much more attractive than ethnicity, hair style, height or anything else. If you look a person that’s worth getting to know then women will naturally want to be with you. It’s really that simply.

There’s isn’t a lot you can do about your hair anyway, so put that thought out of your mind.  Spend your time and energy going out an actively meeting women.  Assume they are all interested rather than looking to reject you and you’ll already be on the right path.

Hope that helps and I wish you good luck!


The Dating Guru

P.S  I’d

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