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Why Manners are Important for Muslim Dating

Monday, October 13th, 2014

I recently read a survey that Britain is forgetting it’s manners.


We were once a proud nation of ladies and gentleman and etiquette was what set us apart from the rest of the world.   But now is seems we have forgotten our pleases and thank yous – especially when it comes to dating.

I believe this is because many people want to remain anonymous and stay within their own protective little bubble. So it’s easier to keep your head down and say nothing than risk tempting an argument.  Men are afraid to hold doors open for women in case they are rude to them.  Or women don’t want to thank the men for dinner in case it makes them look over keen.  It’s a hard game to play so you must get it right.

Making a great first impression is your goal on any date or Muslim speed dating event.  You want people to remember you for the right reasons, not how rude you were to them, the staff or waiters.  Don’t be afraid to make another person feel special.  It’s your best chance of seeing them again.

There are three simple rules you must follow in order to be respectful:

1) Smile. Smiling shows you are in a happy place and enjoying their company.  There’s no better way of showing good manners than by using a kind, genuine smile.

2) Gratitude. If someone does something nice for, even a small gesture then be thankful for it and make them aware.

3) Put others needs before your own.  You should always treat people exactly the same way that you’d like to be treated yourself.  If that means going without something – such as giving up your seat on a train – then so be it.


So what do you think?  Have we forgotten our manners and what can be done to fix it?   Please comment and add your thoughts here.


James Preece

The Dating Guru