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The Man who wins at Muslim Speed Dating

Monday, March 24th, 2014

I helped host a Muslim Speed Dating last night in London.   It was a very busy event and lots of fun was had by the members.


While there were some interesting single Muslim men and women in attendance, there was one man in particular who caught my attention.

He was doing something that nobody else really makes an effort to.  This simple thing made him stand out from all the other guys and I’m almost certain he’ll have more dates lined up than he will be able to cope with.

So what was the magic thing he did?   Was it to sing a song, give a rose to the ladies or tap dance his way around the room?  No.   All he did was smile and introduce himself and say it was lovely to meet them.  He was so warm and genuine that he made an impact on everyone he met.  I believed he really did find it wonderful to meet each lady so I’ve no doubt they all felt the same way.

This may sound rather obvious but I’ve watched so many people just say hello then avoid eye contact, look bored or down at the floor.  This is not the way to make a great impression.   Of course it’s fine to be a little nervous but then so is everyone else.  Don’t try to hide it but use it to your advantage to make a joke and break the ice.

Your job, whether it’s talking to a man or a women is to make them feel special and that they are the most important person in the room.   Once you do that they’ll want to spend more time with you as talking was such an enjoyable experience.  Who wouldn’t want to feel good and be made to feel appreciated?

Happy dating!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

Dating Guru’s Mailbag: How can I succeed at Muslim Speed Dating?

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Here is the latest dating problem

answered by our dating expert

“Dear James.  I’ve booked up to attend one of your Muslim speed dating events.  However, I’m a little nervous about what to say and do.  Can you give me any tips or advice please?   I want to win over the ladies!  Best Wishes,  H”

Hi H,

Thank you very much for your email.  I’m pleased you are giving it a go as it can be a fun way to meet lots of single Muslims quickly.

Here are my top tips to help you get success.

1) Dress well and shave – that goes without saying as you need to make a great impression.

2) Try and stand out from all the other guys.  They’ll be asking the same boring questions ( What’s your job, where do you live etc) so think creatively and ask
interesting questions
3) The key to success is a little cheeky charm.  Be amusing, flirty and show you are a fun guy to be with.
4) Introduce yourself with a smile and repeat their name a few times during the conversation.  They will connect more with you if you do that.
5) Listen intently and make them think they are the most important person in the room.  You need to find a mutual interest and get them excited to discuss their passion.
6) You don’t need to wait for a match.  Find her again at the end of the session, buy her a drink and carry on getting to know each other.  Even better – take her to another
bar away from the competition.
I hope that helps and good luck!
If you have your own dating problem that you need an answer too, please email  [email protected]     The best ones will be answered here ( anonymously) by our very own Dating Guru James Preece

Making time for dating

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Do you struggle to find time for dating ?


This tip can help you.

People often tell me that they find it hard to make time for online  dating in their busy lives.  They work all day and are too tired in the evenings to do anything proactive.

I agree that online dating can often be time consuming.  It takes a while to search for people you like the look of, compose witty messages and keep the banter going.  Not every one will reply to you and it can sometimes seem frustrating.

But really it doesn’t have to be.   The object of the game is to get their attention quickly and then arrange a meeting while the interest is there.  You don’t have to write long essays back and forth for weeks.  The first message only needs to be a few lines long – just enough to get them intrigued. After a couple of replies, speak on the phone for ten minutes and then arrange your first date.  Endless messages only build up unrealistic expectations and prevent you from ever meeting up.

Here’s a quick tip which will help you find time for dating….turn off your television!  It’s the biggest time waster there is and it’ s main function is a “partner replacement.”   Most people spend all their time either  staring at it or looking forward to seeing it again.

Believe it or not, studies have shown that watching too much television can actually triple your urge for material things.  Just think how many adverts you watch, consciously and unconsciously. On top of this, every hour you watch a day makes you 5% unhappier!

You only need to spend about 20 minutes a day to make online dating work.   If you knew it would guarantee some fantastic dates, would you be able to find time to do it then?   Picture the end result before you start and you’ll soon be able to fit it into your busy lifestyle.

Most of us have at least a spare hour at the weekend, so why not use this time?

Happy dating!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

New hosts wanted for our Muslim Dating events

Monday, March 3rd, 2014
New hosts needed for 2014!
MuslimSingleSolution is the leading London based single Muslim events and party organiser. We run monthly dating and introduction events and require additional hosts to run these in the evenings.Working with our existing team your duties will include welcoming and registering our clients on arrival, delivering an opening explanation clearly and generally helping to breaking the ice. Your main job is to ensure that our clients have a great time and get the most from the event!Please only apply if you can genuinely demonstrate the skills required in the role description AND you are genuinely keen to do this sort of work.

Please apply with a recent photo of yourself on your profile and tell us why you’d be a great host 🙂

Please do not contact us about this job via the phone numbers on our website.

Location: London, United Kingdom