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Feedback from February

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Here are our latest

feedbacks from February

We had a very busy month in February and the site was extra busy over the Valentine’s period.  We get many emails each week telling us what you are up to and about your dating successes.

Here are just a few of them:

“Well organised and fun” ST

“Great way to meet like minded people ” ZM

“I met someone at one of your events, and am no longer single
Feed back : good ” AA

“Event was good and well organised. Regular emails also” TH

“Excellent ” LF

“Absolutely brilliant ”  AS

“Good service, keep it up!” FG

“Very good! ! ” VM


If you have one to add, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know : [email protected]


Best Wishes,
The Muslim Single Solution.

Copying and Pasting

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Why is copying and pasting

a bad idea?

We know that online dating can sometimes seem like hard work.  First you have to find people you like, read their profile and then think of a carefully crafted message to get them interested.  This can be time consuming, so it can be tempting to speed things up a little.

So…rather than than write a proper email some people will write a short, pre-written email such as “Hi, I liked your profile.  Get in touch if you liked mine.”    They’ll then copy this message and send it to every single person they like the look of.

This method CAN work providing you have an amazing profile and photo.  You’ll also have to hope the person you’ve emailed isn’t getting many emails.

However, it’s pretty much a waste of time for both of you.   It’s annoying to get such a vague message and it clearly shows that you’ve not bothered to put any thought or effort in to getting to know them.  A copied and pasted message is very easy to spot and will usually get deleted or ignored.

The other problem is that some people may well be willing to give you a chance.  They’ll make a mental note to respond but it will be “low priority.”   Instead they’ll focus on writing back to the members who wrote interesting emails.  If they run out they may send you a quick reply…but only if they remember.

You need to stand out if you want to make a good impression.   Two minutes of writing a half decent message will get you much better results than ten minutes of copying and pasting.

Good luck!

James Preece

The Dating Guru

What caused my break up?

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Are you confused as to why


they broke up with you?

The end of a relationship is never pleasant, especially if you don’t fully understand what caused it.  If they don’t explain then you are left confused, disappointed and angry.  There could be many reasons why they ended it –  the most common of which I’m going to explain here in this blog.

1) They just aren’t ready to commit or give you want you want.   This is one of the most common causes for a break up.  If you don’t want to settle down yet then you aren’t giving them any “emotional security.”  You are  preventing them from getting what they want in their lives and this will results in you getting dumped.

2) They don’t trust you.  Perhaps they’ve caught you lying or cheating one two many times.  There comes a point when enough simply has to be enough.  If the issue is with them then there isn’t much you can do if you aren’t to blame.

3) They thought you were trying to change them.   If you are too critical and constantly nagging them to do things then it’s natural for them to assume you think they aren’t good enough for you.

4) The know deep down that you aren’t “the one”   If the chemistry and passion are not longer there then it’s kinder to end it.  Otherwise you are just delaying the inevitable.

5)  You aren’t treating them right.  Love is a two way thing and if you make them unhappy then there is no chance of a future.   So always be respectful and show them how much you mean to them while you are dating to stop this break up reason happening.


The best way to get over a break up is to start dating again.  It won’t be easy, but once you do you’ll begin to realise there ARE other people out there that will result in a much better relationship.

Good luck!

James Preece

The Dating Guru