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January Feedback and Successes

Monday, February 25th, 2013

We have already had lots of

great feedbacks for 2013

There’s no better feeling than reading about how fabulously you are all doing on our website and at our introduction events.  We get many emails each week telling us what you are up to and about your dating successes.

Here are just a few of them:

“Good speed dating event and website is user friendly.” SH

“I met someone at one of your events, and am no longer single
Feed back : I’m not single anymore :)”  TO

” I am in talks with my future partner thank you ” MS

“Very good thanks” MT

“I met someone on your dating site, and am no longer single Feed back : Good” WD

“Thank you so much, I think I met someone already on this website. Many Thanks” CK

If you have one to add, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know :    [email protected]


Best Wishes,
The Muslim Single Solution.

How to Shake them Off

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Have you ever been stuck talking

to someone you aren’t keen on?

Some people just won’t take the hint.  You talk to them for a little while and once you’ve realised you aren’t interested then they just won’t take the hint.  So how do you break off the conversation without being too rude?   Here is my advice on how best to go about this:

1) Makes your excuses and leave.  It’s as easy as that.  Just tell them you need to use the toilet, want to catch up with a friend or simply that you want to speak to a variety of people.  Tell them you really enjoyed talking to them and you’ll chat to them again later in the evening.

2) Don’t accept a drink if you aren’t interested.  If you do, you’ll be obliged to stay talking with them for the duration of your drink.  It’s better to buy your own drinks and be free to mingle.

3) If you are at a singles event, use a host to help.   Tell them if someone won’t leave you alone and we’ll quickly introduce them to a more suitable match.

4) Always be polite.   You never know who might be watching or who they might be able to connect you with.  It’s fine to tell them you aren’t a good match, but do it respectfully and be as friendly as possible.

5) Don’t give out personal contact info to anyone you don’t intend to communicate with.  It sounds pretty obvious but some people will still send over all their contact info ( or hand out a business card) to anyone and everyone.   Don’t give anyone false hope that you will meet up with them again or you mind find they get frustrated and keep trying to get an explanation


Good luck!

James Preece – the Dating Guru

Happy Valentine’s Day

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Valentine’s Day is the best day for singles.


So we’d like to wish you lots of luck and happiness.


Today is the perfect day to message anyone you like the look of.   Don’t be afraid – you’ll have more luck today than any other day of the year!

If you’d like to boost your chances and have more dating success, then sign up for one of our Muslim Introduction events too.  These sell out quickly so don’t leave it until hte last minute.


Want an Online Dating Profile Review?

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Would you like some help with your

Online Dating Profile?

Would you like to get some feedback on your dating profile? Wish you had more hits? Can’t work out why nobody is contacting you?

Then it’s time to get some help.
Each month, our Dating Guru James Preece will take a look at one profile. He’ll rewrite it and offer his expert opinion on what would make things better for you.

James has been a Dating Expert for over seven years now, helping 1000s of singles and giving dating advice to countless magazines, newspapers, radio and TV shows.

If you’d like to be considered for this, then please email him at [email protected] with your username in the message so he can take look. The person who he believes he can help most next month will be featured in this blog.

We’d also like our members to offer their own (contructive) thoughts and insights too. You’ll be able to do this by commenting on each blog.


If you’d pefer more detailed, one-to-one help or coaching you can reach him at:



Where have my credits gone?

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Here is some information about

our standing charge for credits.


On our site we have a standing charge of 5 credits per month. Its pretty nominal, eg if you purchased 100 credits at £20 it would take nearly 2 years to erode! The charge is really to encourage people to use them up and to stop the free credits lasting forever.

If you’ve only bought a few credits then we expect you will use them up well before the month is up.  Our lowest package is more of a trial than anythign else.

The standing charge is stated in many different places on the site, eg on the dating home page, in the accounts section, and in help under “How much does it cost”.

If you have Premium Membership as well as credits then there will be no standing charge as long as you are a member.
Happy dating !
James Preece – the Dating Guru