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Two Quick Speed Dating Games

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Not sure what to say during speed dating?

Try these two fun alternatives.

Speed dating is a great way to get to know possible partners quickly. However, it can be a tiring getting asked the same questions over and over again.

Recent studies have proven two fantastic way that can increase interest and boost your chances – just by trying something a bit different.


1) Guess the picture.  For this, you’ll need to bring along a pad of paper.  Give one sheet to the person you are speed dating and tell them you’ll try and project an image to them just using your mind.  They have to try and get it right.   It might seem a bit silly, but you’ll stand out from everyone else for your amazing imagination.

2) Eye Gazing.  Rather than talking, you both stare into each others eyes.  You will both probably find it amusing to start with, but laughter is good.   It’s actually a fantastic way of getting a fast connection and you might just be surprised at what happens!

You could of course combine both these activities.  Just make sure you introduce yourselves first and that you end it by suggesting you talk about things after the event.

Happy dating!

James Preece

The Dating Guru

Three ways that you blew the first date

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Sometimes you have a great date

but then never hear from them again.

This does not always mean that they didn’t like you!   Instead, it might well be that you gave off signals of disinterest of said something that suggested you weren’t keen.  So rather than risk getting hurt or rejected they try and do it first.

Here are three common mistakes that people make that you might not be aware of. If you can avoid these then you might find you have a much better success rate when it comes to getting second dates:


1) You wished them good luck at the end of the date.   You might think this is a friendly thing to say, but they will interpret it as you saying you aren’t interested. As in good luck with the rest of your life.

2) You texted lots before you met but didn’t have much to say when you did.  Save the conversation for when you meet, otherwise you’ll have nothing to talk about.

3) You talked about other people you are talking to online.   Keep this sort of information to yourself and focus on making them feel special instead.  If you go on about others then they’ll naturally assume you aren’t keen on them.


Happy dating!


James Preece – The Dating Guru

Are you revealing too much?

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Online dating is great to meet new people

But make sure you don’t tell them everything.

Did you know that you could be telling future partners so much more than you ever thought?    While you keeps contact through the site, the only information you have on each other is what you write there.  This means it’s extremely safe and private.

However, think carefully before you starting revealing more personal details.

If they have your real name and email address, it can be very easy to find more information out.  I’m sure you’ve ever done this ( or been tempted) to do it yourself.

1)  Facebook.  On here you can see photos, wall posts, friends lists and so much more. Make sure you’ve set your profile to private so only close friends can see it.

2) LinkedIn.   This reveals your education and work history.  If you don’t want anyone finding out where you work then don’t reveal this.

3) Twitter.  What sort of tweets are you sending out on Twitter?  Make sure you don’t send anything you’ll ever regret.

4) Google.    You never quite know what might pop on if you do an Internet search.  Try one on yourself now and see what it shows.

5) Friends Reunited.   This isn’t as popular as it used to be , but it’s still used as a tool for looking up people.

So my best advice would be to keep everything on the site until you’ve actually met up and know you like each other.  That way it’s all anonymous and they can’t find out anything else about you.

Happy dating!

James Preece – Dating Expert