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What should you do after a first date?

Friday, March 30th, 2012

People are often confused after a first date.

Who should contact who and when?

The problem with first dates is that you never know what the other person is thinking.  You might think it was amazing but they just weren’t feeling it.  In fact, they are probably also wondering what the next step should be.

Firstly, it’s polite to thank them. You only need to send a quick text when you get home.

There are three possible choices:

You aren’t sure if you want to see them again.

Life isn’t easy and you might well have mixed emotions about a date. I’d always sugget a second date if you are undecided but you’ll need time to think it over.   Leave it 24 hours to think carefully about it and then go on to one of the next two steps.

You want to see them again

Great!  Let them know you thought it went well and you’d like to see them again.  Assuming they liked you too, they’ll be pleased to have their minds put at rest. Make sure you arrange a second date around one week after your first one.  Any later and you’ll forget the connection, any sooner and you might burn out too quickly!  It can be hard to find things to say if nothing new has happened in the time you’ve been apart.

You don’t want to see them again

It’s hard line between being hurting someone’s feelings and making it clear you don’t have a future.   However, I’d always advise letting them know this quickly so they don’t hold out hope of further dates.  It’s  best to be honest but if you can’t, tell them you thought they were cool but reminded you too much of your brother or sister.

Quite often you just won’t hear from them again. They’ll vanish and you’ll never hear from them again. You’ll probably never find out why but when this happens but be happy that you had a narrow escape and start looking again for someone better.

Happy Dating,

James Preece – The Dating Guru

5 biggest Speed Dating Turn Offs

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Here are 5 quick speed dating turn offs

Are you making any of them?

Speed dating is a fantastic way to meet new people. However, you need to put some thought into making sure you mini date is memorable for all the right reasons. Four minutes is not long at all so you must make the best impression you can.

Here are a few of the things I’ve seen people doing wrong over the last few months. I hope you will read this so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

1) Not introducing yourself

Before you being a conversation you need to smile, say hello and state your name.  Then they’ll give you theirs and the date begins.  However, some people just come over and say hello . If you don’t swap names then you will be forgettable!

2) Forgetting personal hygiene.

This is very important.  Always take a shower before you come and wear a nice clean pressed outfit.  There’s nothing worse than sweat patches and smelling like you’ve just run a marathon.   Deodorant and a quick tab of perfume/ aftershave takes seconds.

3) Being Forceful

Whatever you do, don’t demand a phone number or email address right there and then.  Just take note of their username and contact them on the website for free the next day.  If you start insisting they give you their contact info then it comes across as rude and youll blow your chances.

4) Saying stupid things.

Be careful that you don’t say the wrong thing, even in jest.   Keep your conversation conservative or you risk offending them.  You might have a great sense of humour but if they’ve not had time to realise that they might take what you say seriously.

5) Being Cold or dismissive

Everyone is a little shy at first but that’s no excuse to be rude.  Even if you aren’t interested, it’s polite to be respectful and good practice for the people you like. Ask lots  of questions and show an interest, even if you have pretend.

Good luck!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

Latest Feedback and Successes

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Here are some of our latest feedbacks and successes


Could you be next?

We love hearing all about your success stories. Not only do they brighten day, they help encourage all our other members to keep going. So here are some of the latest ones.

“Everything was great. Found a perfect match” HK

“I met someone via your site and we are getting married!! Thank you so much!” NS

“very good site! so glad i found someone, thanks very much 🙂 ” HK

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“Service is really good” RV

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“I met someone on your dating site, and am no longer single Feed back : Great Website, great events” HB

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If you have your own success story then we’d love to hear it. We’ll even send you a gift voucher if you send us a photo. Please email us now via [email protected]

Do we allow Chaperones or Spectators?

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Sometimes we get asked about chaperones.

Are you allowed to bring them to our events?


People sometimes get nervous about attending a marriage introduction event.   The thought of having to do it all on their own can seem a little daunting, so they ask if they can bring someone along to watch.  This can often be a family member to offer their opinion on the matches too.

However, it’s for exactly this reason that we don’t allow chaperones or spectators.  The idea is to focus on the person you are talking to and spend time getting to know them.  You’ll only have four or five minutes anyway.  The last thing anyone really wants is an extra pair of eyes watching them from a distance.

But don’t worry, you won’t be alone!  We employ fantastic hosts to help look after you and make you feel comfortable. Once you start interacting with the other guests your nerves will be long forgotten and you’ll have a great time.  You might even make some new friends as we keep men and women apart  at the start of the event.

Another reason we don’t allow this is that our venues just don’t have room for extra people to sit.   They’d end up getting in the way and causing a distraction.
Our events are also extremely popular and we often have to turn people away when they fill up.   It’s really important that the people who take part are genuinely single and keen to meet a partner. So please don’t book a ticket for someone who has no interest as you could be depriving someone else the chance to find love.

Good luck!
The Muslim Single Solution