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A Speed Dating Mistake

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Are you boring people on your speed dates?

Stop making this classic mistake.

Speed dating can be a fantastic way of getting to know lots of singles in a very short space of time.   But many people seem to make the same big mistake.  If you are aware of this then you can make sure you avoid it.

The trouble is that everyone asks the same questions.  These are usually, “”What’s your name?”  Where do you Live? Where do you work”   All fine, but after a few speed dates this gets tiring very quickly.

So what you need to know is think up some interesting things to ask in advance.

For example, why not ask if they’ve got any holidays coming up or what their dreams and ambitions are?  People love to talk about things they are passionate about and will connect with you more.  It’s not hard to be more imaginative.

Don’t bombard them with questions as it’s not an interrogation.  Instead, show that you are curious about them and that you find them fascinating.  If you smile when you speak it will help too.

Finally, don’t be afraid to talk to them once the speed dating formal sessions are over.   We always allow plenty of mingling time after the event, so you can get a chance to continue any conversations that  you started.


Happy dating!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

Have you added your phone number?

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

When you sign up we ask for your phone number.

But have you added it?


There’s a very important section on your profile, where we ask for your mobile number.

If you’ve not already done so, you really do need to fill it in.  Why?

Well, every now and again we text out special offer codes that expire quickly.  If we don’t have your mobile number then we can’t send you these.

Also, we sometimes need to get hold of guests for last minute event changes.

So please, go and add your number now!    We don’t need landlines or work numbers, just your mobile number.


Best Wishes,


The Muslim Single Solution

New Year – New Love

Friday, January 6th, 2012

2012 is already here.

There’s no better time to find love.


Time really does fly by. You make the plan to finally meet someone amazing but life always seems to get in the way.

However, everyone feels more positive at the start of a new year.  It’s the busiest time for a dating site and the perfect opportunity for you to start putting a plan into action.

We have many new members who have just singed up and want to meet YOU.  Perhaps one of them is your Mr or Miss Right? If you don’t contact them right now then you’ll never know.

If you really want to find a life partner, then you have to take the first steps now.

So sign up to the Muslim Single Solution, add a great photos and write a profile.  Send out messages to anyone you like the look of and most importantly – book a few of our marriage introduction events.  It’s so easy to do all this and only takes a little of your time.  A small amount of effort really could get you amazing results.

There’s no better time than right now and remember that we are here to help you along your journey.


Good luck!


James Preece – The Muslim Single Solution