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Happy Holidays from the Muslim Single Solution

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Just a quick message to wish you a happy Holiday Season.


We hope you have a fun, relaxing break and enjoy the time off.

Thank you for all your support over 2011.   We promise to be even bigger and better in 2012 and will do everything we possibly can to help your dating success.

Enjoy your holidays and please remember to spread the word about us – we really can’t grow without your help!

Success Stories and Feedback for November

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

November has been a busy month

Here is just some of our latest feedback and successes.

“Good. I enjoyed the events although I eventually met someone through your website. Thanks” CM

“Great, found the girl of my dreams!” VC

“Really enjoyed the site, really happy with the guy that I met .” SM

“Parties organised are a good way of meeting a range of people, without the necessary pressure of speed dating if not required on the night…..” GL

“Great website! I shall be back” KM

“I met the guy on the 7th of may in London at one of your events for the first time and the last time. Thank you so much” DB

“Excellent…I’ve met many good friends through this site.” RK

“Couldn’t fault it. Was good.” RB

“Thanks for the service you have provided! The website was a very good tool to meet new people.Keep up the good work!” DP

“”Think the site is great”  GB

“I think this service is great for those that have found someone ! Keep it up !” PC

“Great events, thank you.” KP

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this service which helped me find someone” SP

“Very good site” MK

“Well organised. Keep up the good work” AK

“I met someone on your dating site, and am no longer single Feed back : Very good” BL

“Very well organised event” SM

“I met through an alternative route but have to say your site is superb” NS

“Good service and have already recomended many friends who are now on this site and will continue to recomend ”  MM

“Fresh modern service for like minded individuals” SR

“I thought the events were good fun, nice people. Thank you for your help” SV

“Nice venue; well run; friendly people. Staff excellent” MB

“I thought the event went well. It was a good venue and in a good central location, the staff were helpful and overall I was pleased.” IQ

“Good service from site staff” SK

Remember, we want to hear your success stories too.  It really does help inspire our other members to keep going.  If you have your own, please email it to [email protected]

What image do you present?

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Image is everything in dating.

So what does your photo say about you?

It’s so important to remember what kind of message you are giving out when it comes to online dating. You need to carefully craft your profile and sell yourself in the best way possible. After all, it’s an advert all about “you.”

However, lots of people still seem to be unclear about the best photos to use.  It’s strange that even thought it’s December, we are seeing lots of people attempting to add photographs of them wearing sunglasses.  This is a bad idea at any time of the year as it hides your eyes.  These really are the window to the soul and the first way someone can tell if they like the look of you or not. If you hide your eyes then what else are you hiding?

Yes, we know you think it makes you look cool but it really has the opposite effect.  So we have a no sunglasses rule for your primary image.  If you must have a sunglasses shot then please only use it for your photo album, not the main image.

The same goes for hats.  Men seem to be especially fond of them.  If you are wearing a hat then it’s not clear if you have hair or not. Women like to know this from the outset and many don’t mind bald men. So don’t try to fool anyone as nobody likes to be misled.

If you aren’t sure what photo to use then you can always ask our opinion and we will do our best to help.  There are several blogs about photos and there is a very simple guide on the photo upload screen.  So please don’t make these mistakes are you wasting your own time.

Remember that we want you to find love and have dating success, so please take out advice and use it to make it work for you!

Good luck!
James Preece

The Dating Guru