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Online Dating – making a good impression

Monday, February 28th, 2011

It’s easy to have great success with online dating.


But it does need some effort to get things started.
So many people join an online dating site, such as, add a few words and then sit back and do nothing more.  Then they wonder why they aren’t getting any interest or any replies to the odd message the send out.

I’d like you to imagine you were looking for a job.  Would you scribble a short CV down on a bit of old newspaper?  Would you not be bothered to send a cover note with it and then post it off to absolutely every job you liked the look of, whether you are qualified for it or not?  What’s more, would you forget to put a stamp on the envelope so you wouldn’t even guarantee it got delivered?

This might sound mad, but it’s exactly how many people treat online dating.   They’ll not bother with a photo, write a poor profile, send out hundreds of copy and pasted messages to members and forget to send a reply paid credit.

The secret is to think of how the other person is seeing you.  You want to make the right first impression from the very start.  So spend a little time crafting a fantastic profile and adding some great photos.  Thay way you’ll stand out from the crowd and are more likely to get dates.  Then send out carefully written emails to people you think might be a match.  This is your “cover letter” and if you don’t do it properly it will just get deleted.   Tell them what you have in common and why you might be a good match.

Finally, use the  reply paid credit system and they will be able to read and reply to your message even if they haven’t yet upgraded.

A little bit of effort can really go a long way, so put some time in now and you’ll reap the rewards.

Good luck!
James Preece – The Dating Guru

How our Muslim Speed Dating Events work

Monday, February 21st, 2011

We’ve run many very successful Muslim Speed Dating Events.


If you’ve not been yet, we’ve put together a quick guide.

Our Muslim parties are always fun, relaxed events and attract a high quality professional crowd.

They usually take place in coffee shops – chosen for the best location, drinks and food selection and space.  We hire these coffee shops or cafes exclusively so our members can talk without being disturbed, so we don’t allow anyone else in to sit and watch.

The parties start for registration at 7pm and speed dating wil begin at 7.15pm, once all the guests have signed in.

Ladies are seated around the venue and the men sit opposite.  Every four minutes we ring the bell and the men move round to the next lady.  The ladies stay seating throughout the event which allows them to look after their handbags etc!   There are no boxes to tick, but we do give everyone a sheet to make their own private notes on.

Once everyone has met everyone else, our guests are free to mingle and continue chatting.

We don’t do matches the next day, but participants can log on the website after the event and contact anyone they wish from the event, free for two weeks.

This stops the limitations of normal speed dating and makes it easier to remember who they men.  Most guests add photos to their profiles which server as a great reminder.

So if you’d like to meet around 15 – 20 single professional Muslims in your age category, sign up for an event at   You never know who you might meet at our next party.

Good luck!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

Why you need to add a photo

Monday, February 14th, 2011

This is the number one rule of online dating but it’s so often forgotten.


If you want to get online dating success – you need a great photo.

If you don’t have one you are just wasting your time.  Most people won’t even find your profile, yet alone read it if they can’t see what you look like.  Think of a photo as the equivalent of putting a stamp on a letter.  If you don’t add one it will never get read.    It’s common sense – wouldn’t YOU rather see who you are talking to?

Profiles with photos get over 7 times as many views and they are the best way to advertise yourself.  It’s the photo that will get people to either click on your profile or click to the next page.

If you don’t have a good one then get a friend to use a camera phone to take one for you.  Most phones are capable of producing images of a very high resolution so they’ll look just as good as a regular camera.

It’s pointless to try and use one that doesn’t look like you, is years out of date or hides part of your face.  That’s why we don’t allow shots with sunglasses in them. There’s really no point in masking your face or it rings alarm bells.

The secret of a good photo is  a clear,  happy photo.  No group shots, props or photos taken from two miles away.
If you don’t have a photo – why not? Some people complain that they don’t want to be recognised.  But why not?  This is just an excuse. After all, if anyone you know sees you it means they have their own account on the site anyway!  Most single people try online dating nowadays so it’s hardly a deep dark secret!
Good luck!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

Take a Little Risk

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Everyone has a certain type of person they are attracted to.

But just looking for people who match this criteria is a bad idea.

If you keep going for the same sort of person then you might end up getting bored and things not working out.  If you keep meeting the same types then you’ll get stuck in a dating rut and grow tired much too quickly.

It’s not just height, hair colour and age that people are strict about, but everyday jobs and lifestyles too. Just because you are into certain hobbies and activities doesn’t mean your date has to.  You’ll learn so many more things if you are willing to accept that there are things you might enjoy that you’ve not yet tried.

If you expand your horizons, just a little bit then you are giving yourself more dating opportunities.  I’m not suggesting you search for a complete opposite ( but that might be fun!) but just be aware that the more people you date then the more chance you have of making it last.  Opposites do often attract but it helps to have a rough idea of who you do and don’t want to meet.

Start now by taking a few risks outside your comfort zone.  You might just enjoy it!

Good luck!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

Quick dating trick

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

In today’s blog I’m going to show you a great trick.


This will allow you to bond with a stranger very quickly.

It’s very simple, use the word  “We” every now and again when you are chatting.

It’s easy to drop this into the coversation.  Just say something along the lines of “We ought to try that restaurant” or ” We can go over there and look at that painting.”

What you’re doing is re framing their mind to confuse the present with the future which will help you to bond very quick.

Similar words, such as “Us ” and “Our” also work very well too.

You can throw in lines such as  “I hope they look after us tonight” or  “Our tops are the same colour.”

Use this tip sparingly as you’ll look a bit crazy if you do it too much!

James Preece – The Dating Guru