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Are you being too keen?

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Today I’m going to answer a dating dilemma


Dear James,

I’ve  had some dates with a great guy recently.  Things are going good and we get on really well…but he’s just a bit too keen!   He gets upset if we don’t speak every day and keeps texting me all the time.  I can’t breathe but I want to give him a chance!   Can you give me some  advice please?



Dear N,

Of course, I’m always happy to help.   It’s a tough situation as you need to  tread carefully.  If you play harder to get then he might try even harder.  But if you don’t then he’ll put you off and it will be too late to do anything.  That would be a real waste  if you do like each other.

Some people need constant reassurance that all is going well and they are worried they might lose momentum if they don’t show they are interested.  The trouble is that it’s just not sexy being a lovesick puppy keeping track the whole time.

I’d advise you to just be honest with him.  Tell him you do like him but he needs give you some space and take a breather.  You need to discuss limits and make sure he sticks to them.

You might even you want to contact HIM if he does this properly.  You’ll begin to miss him a little bit more and more, boosting your feelings.

Happy dating,

James Preece – The Dating Guru