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Muslim Success Story

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Here is a real story, sent to us recently.

I am an Asian Muslim, and I found my partner through the Single Solution. We hope to be married soon.



Sadly, I was divorced after a short unsuccessful marriage. But I found love again. Here’s how it happened!


I was young and naive and I got married at a young age. I thought nothing could stop us but after just a year things had clearly not worked out.  One day he just got up and left without even saying goodbye. I had really tried to make the relationship work but it wasn’t to be.

In our Muslim society, our culture meant that I was considered an outcast because I was separated. This had it’s effect on me and my family. Life went on, but eventually I realised that it was time to move on and I started to pro-actively look for someone new to share my life with.

It was really hard at first because of the stigma attached. Most Asian Muslim men would not even look at my profile when I mentioned I was separated. I then eventually decided, that although it was hiding an important fact, I had to remove the fact I was married from my profile. I realised that I could easily tell them once we started chatting.

I started chatting with a guy through your site and we started messaging each other at first. We met up and really seemed to ‘click’. As I had planned, I soon told him the truth about my divorce and told him that if he felt he wanted to end it here then that would be fine with me.

We actually agreed to stop seeing each other as a result of my past, but a few days later he came back to me and apologized. He askied me to forgive him and that he had never ‘clicked’ so well with someone before. We soon started dating again and found there was a good chemistry between us. We felt relaxed in each other’s company.

It wasn’t till later on that we realised that we actually lived round the corner from each other and that our sisters were best friends when they were younger. Our parents even knew each other.

So now we are four months on, and still going strong. Things have become ‘serious’ in that we actually both think we could have a future together (Asian Muslims always think long term when we meet someone). However there are complications in that I do not think his parents will accept me as I have been married before (if things were to get to that point).