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Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Muslim Dating in the UK

Muslim culture has many ancient traditions including rules on how to go about Muslim Dating. For centuries, unmarried Muslims were introduced through extended family connections. Marriages were arranged in such a way that the bride and groom often did not even meet each other until the day of the marriage.

Muslim Symbolism

Muslim Symbolism

Muslim Speed Dating Events organise regular speed dating events for Muslim single professionals to meet. The events are aimed at those of South Asian descent, eg Pakistan, India, Bangladesh. These events are currently organised monthly in London cafes, or restaurants where alcohol is not usually served. Typically they attract 30 to 40 professionals. The events are relaxed and quite informal. The events provide a very efficient way for guests to meet a large number of people in a short time.

Muslim Dating UK

In Western countries such as the United Kingdom, times have changed for Muslim people, but the ancient ideals remain something to be respected. Muslims want to meet someone and get to know them before committing to spend the rest of their lives with. This is difficult if their parents disapprove and even the word “dating” is frowned upon?

However, Muslim Singles in the UK have more options than ever before, but must still be careful to tread lightly so as not to confuse or upset their older family members. The main fear of these older and more conservative Muslims is that “dating” will not lead to wholesome time spent for their young family member with their future husband or wife, but rather to casual sex and the more disposable relationships that have become more common in the Western hemisphere for young adults. Since extramarital sex is completely off limits for the Muslim faith, Muslims are faced with a quandary if they want to spend some time with someone before taking their marriage vows. Here are some ways to meet a British Muslim partner.

Dating Chaperones

Another way for Muslims to meet and interact with each other is through chaperoned dating. This allows a couple to spend time together in a safe environment without the temptation of attraction and privacy to make them compromise their values. The man and woman would be able to sit together in a semi-private area of the home or meet in a public place and talk and learn more about each other. Chaperones (preferably not their parents) would be nearby to dissuade them from getting intimate.

Congregational Outreach
More and more Muslim communities are starting to understand the importance of young Muslims getting to know each other before signing on to a lifelong commitment of marriage. Therefore, even churches are getting on board with planning events that have a strong religious connection while also allowing Muslims to interact and mingle with each other. Socials, Koran studies, and community service projects gather young Muslims together in a fun and wholesome environment to reach a common goal, which helps build teamwork for potential mates as well. Although most Muslim women have never even seen the inside of a mosque, that practice is changing slowly but surely and events are being held at the mosque more and more often.

It’s not easy to keep sacred strong religious values in such a modern and changing world. However, these ideas, coupled with the ever growing Muslim acceptance, will hopefully aid young Muslims in finding Mr. and Mrs. Right.